AeroPAC Drone Policy

AeroPac's Policy for flying UAS at our launches.

AeroPac's Policy for flying UAS at our launches.

UAS = Unmanned Aircraft System.  Also known as Quad, Multicopter, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Radio Controlled Airplane, Radio Controlled Helicopter or of course, Drone. 

An UAS aircraft is not a rocket or rocket payload and must be flown under the following rules when at Aeropac launches. This applies for UAS weighing 100 grams or more:

This is a rocket launch, rockets come first.

If drones or their use interfere in any way with flight operation you will be asked to stop.  This can include interference from the UAS radio system with rocket electronics, ground systems, the virtual classroom, or other electronics needed to conduct launch operations.

General flying is allowed south of the flight line, and past the line of porta potties.

There is no flying at all over the camp area, access aisles, or people under any conditions – period!

There is no flying over the flight range, or pads unless approved (see #6 below).

If you want to video a rocket launch that can be done with approval of the flight director, and LCO.  Please coordinate ahead of time. 

When videoing do not fly out over other rockets, or people on the range.  To reach the pads, fly around the outer edges of the launch area as much as possible rather than through it.  Be sure to have your own FRS radio so you can communicate with the Aeropac flight operations to coordinate.

If flying after dark the UAS must be well lit and easy to see.  Again daytime flight rules apply otherwise.

No flying near camp during quiet hours (between 10PM to 6AM).

There is no frequency control or coordination at the launch, fly at your own risk!

The flyer assumes all risks when flying and assumes the cost for any damages caused by the UAS against property or possible injury.

Commercial UAS operators must have their own BLM permit and FAA issued 333 waiver in order to conduct operations. 


UAS flying at the Aeropac launches can be denied at the discretion of the Launch Director, LCO, or any Aeropac board member or officer, and for any reason. 

Small toy micro and nano-drones under 100 grams – Small toy drones can be flown around your camp.  During launch operations there is no flying in the flight line safety area or on the range.  Please be considerate.  If there are complaints you will be asked to stop! 




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